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Our Story

Elected United Club was originally established in Deeside, Trelawny Jamaica in 1978 by Rowan Brown, Norice Brown, Vincent Brown, Neville Drummond, Victor Hamilton, Kiston Martin et Al. This group of young men in their late teenage years wanted to bring life and vitality to their community by creating sports teams and organizing cultural events such as concerts, dances, and festivals.

Within a few months, they gained public attention with one of the most winning cricket teams to ever grace the Deeside. Cricket matches were widely attended by hundreds of supporters regularly. They eventually created a football team. One of the most memorable moments was when they needed jerseys for the soccer team, but they did not have the money needed so they gathered a few white T-shirts and use their creativity to make red & white tie and dye jerseys. During a soccer match, it began to rain and the shirts turned hot pink.

The club eventually dissolved after many of the founding members migrated to various foreign countries in the mid-1980s. There has not been another community club since those times. Unfortunately, the community has not seen another club, cricket, football team, nor festival since those times. Since those times many elderly, young men, and women have been asking the founding fathers when they would reform the club. In May 2017 approximately 100 past members and families reunited in Trelawny, Jamaica where they provided meals, festivals, and cricket matches. These events were gratefully received by the community.

In the winter of 2020, the founders and a few others including many of the ladies from surrounding areas decided to resurrect the organization as a fully registered international Nonprofit Organization. The organization is now registered in the state of Connecticut and Federal Government with the intention to provide charitable assistance to children and the elderly globally. The vision of the organization is: To build and strengthen communities through active engagement, volunteerism, and empowerment from one generation to the other. The mission is: People working collaboratively to strengthen communities through charity, unity, and engagement. The motto is: Unity is Strength.


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